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    A Proud Moment

    for the entire nation!

    NID Foundation and Chandigarh University celebrated the momentous occasion of the 75th year of India’s Independence by setting a new Guinness World Records title for the "Largest Human Image of a Waving National Flag".

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A few words about us

Reforms For A New India

NID Foundation is a social, economic, and political outreach & engagement organization that works with the community, government, industry, and civil society stakeholders to generate reform-oriented intelligence in areas of domestic and international issues, governance, education, and environmental reforms, thereby supporting leaders and policymakers in making informed decisions. Our vision uses global challenges as props and set cutting-edge experiential learning tools to trigger this adaptive capacity.

NID Foundation is conceptualized and developed at the intersection of issues that are critical to building a New India and focuses on shared global responsibilities, ecological conservation, education, sustainability, and universal wellness. NID Foundation builds partnerships that bring together resources, expertise, and vision while working with the core actors of nation-building to identify issues, find solutions and drive change.


  • Addressing the sources of national and global issues, and promoting economic growth- for security underpins steady national progress
  • Delivering environmentally and sustainable economic growth- because prosperity at the expense of our Earth is not politically sustainable nor ethically justifiable
  • Improving the quality of national institutions and governance- the respect of our values and universal norms allows us to live in harmony
  • Improving equity and respecting cultural differences- enable co-existence and enriches our understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity


  • Advance social change through administrative and organizational reform planning and consultations
  • Equip dynamic Indians with knowledge, skills, and exposure to entrepreneurship and public policy through a robust communication framework covering all aspects of nation-building
  • Implement special projects for governments, institutions, individuals, companies, and civil societies
  • Induce policy reforms for inclusive and sustainable development
  • Engage opinion leaders and policymakers through research, pilots, and policy sensitization
  • Undertake reviews and analyses of policy governance in areas of education, livelihood, and economic freedom
  • Study, formulate and promote fundamental reforms in economic, social, political, electoral, and governance spheres and in critical areas of state and national policy

Governing Body

What We Do

We provide solutions to the regional, national and global challenges and therefore work to build an inclusive and sustainable community, in respect for human rights, justice, law, and environment.

Focus Areas

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Strengthening Community Relationships

NID Foundation invests in deep relations with community leaders who are doing innovational work that supports the public at large.

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Innovations for a Sustainable Future

Our policies focus on creating and scaling innovations to stimulate free exchange of ideas and thoughts and therefore focus on inclusive and sustainable growth.

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Research on Emerging Social Issues

NID Foundation scans the horizons of emerging issues, global challenges and trends in economic development and collaborates with supporters to gather financial intelligence.

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Research Based Advocacy on Governance Reforms

NID Foundation works with economic policymakers and engages extensively with government institutions to understand the impact of new policies and initiatives on growth, national health, education, and environment positive reforms.

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Strategic Partnerships for Social Prosperity

NID Foundation pursues its vision and goals by influencing national policy, advancing innovation, suggesting strategic advisory, and engaging in high-impact partnerships at the ground and national levels.

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Resource Management Advisory

We provide recommendations to the key stakeholders on regional, national and global level micro and macro-economic issues, serve as technical advisors on initiatives that support economic management, resource mobilization, and nurture the relationship between public and major policymakers for overall growth.

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NID Foundation Events


Vishwa Sadbhavana 'Melbourne Chapter'

Event Image

With an inherent understanding of cardinality in harmony for collective national progress, today, the NID Foundation organized the 'Melbourne Chapter' of the 'Vishwa Sadbhavna - A Gesture of Goodwill' event.

Moreover, various respected dignitaries from around the globe were part of this mesmerizing event where they shared their viewpoints on brotherhood, civility, integration, and progress aspects of the nation. Furthermore, two books were released during the event on Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the 'Vishwa Sadbhavana' event, organized by the NID Foundation in the City of Melbourne, Australia.

If we talk about 'Modi @20: Dreams Meet Delivery', the book narrates that the rise of Narendra Modi is a watershed moment in Indian politics. Also, it describes how Prime Minister Narendra Modi has encouraged entire India to dream big and has shown the world that dreams can be achieved if pursued with determination and persistence. On the other hand, if we talk about 'Heartfelt: The Legacy of Faith', the book showcase PM Modi's special bond with the Sikh community.

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